Xpeng Identity X EV

Tesla Model 3 Has To Compete With XPeng Identity X in China, Which is $10K Cheaper

Relatively new Chinese start-up XPeng before the end of this year will launch an electric crossover XPeng Identity X, which will be nearly 25 percent cheaper than Tesla Model 3. China is a huge market, but Tesla will have difficult time to compete with Chinese startups unless it produces Model 3 and Model S in China to avoid import tariff so it can make its cars more affordable for the Chinese buyers. Let's briefly compare them.
Audi A3

Just why did Audi compare women to cars? It is a question that many want an answer to

Sometimes you have to wonder why an automaker would do something that would seem, well, not very bright. The case in question here is a recent Audi CPO ad for China that compared women to used cars -- that's right, used cars. Suffice to say, China's equivalent to Twitter went bonkers and Audi pulled the ad and issued a statement disavowing it. The bigger question that is left? Why would they have done it in the first place?


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