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VW's fuel pump recall prompts investigation of other automakers

by Justin King

The NHTSA wants to know why other automakers have not filed defect notifications despite using the same pump flange manufactured by Continental Automotive.

Volkswagen Group's recent recall of a fuel pump flange has prompted a National Highway Traffic Safety Administration investigation into other automakers that apparently used the same part.

Continental Automotive supplied the defective part and notified several automakers and Tier 1 suppliers when it discovered a problem that could allow the flange to crack and leak fuel.

The notification inspired VW to issue recalls for the 2015-2017 Porche Macan and the 2013-2017 Audi Q5 and Q7. The VW Group recalls do not reflect the entire population of vehicles equipped with the same component, however.

"The purpose of this .. investigation is to obtain information from the companies identified in Continental's ... report in order to determine whether any additional vehicles may have the same defect as identified by VW and Porsche, and whether additional safety recalls are required by any of those identified companies," the NHTSA wrote in its investigation notice.

The agency has not named which companies are under investigation, though the defect is estimated to affect more than 455,000 vehicles.

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