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VW recalls all 2008 R32s

by Andrew Ganz

Just as its was spied, Volkswagen says it is recalling all 5,000 R32s imported into the United States for the 2008 model year over a faulty fuel tank ventilation valve that can cause fuel to leak and potentially create a fire. Dealers will replace the faulty valve with a new one free of charge.

VW says that the problem is more likely to occur in high temperatures and that fuel may enter the fuel tank ventilation system and onto the carbon canister if the valve doesn't fully close. Owners should know that they're having a problem because the vehicle will "jerk" and a check engine light should illuminate.

Owners of the 5,000 United States-specification R32s affected are advised to their dealers or to call Volkswagen directly at 1-800-822-8987.

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