Volvo exec teases next-gen S60

The sedan appears to be a close match to the current V60.

Volvo has released a teaser image for the next-generation S60 ahead of an official unveiling.

Company CEO Håkan Samuelsson casually posted the image of a camouflaged pre-production S60 undergoing winter testing in Norway.

Winter testing of new #VolvoS60 in Lofoten Norway.
Passionate product owner Magnus Olsson very satisfied with results. Car will be built in new factory in South Carolina later this year.

— Håkan Samuelsson (@hakan_samuel) February 28, 2018

As expected, the new S60's front end appears to follow closely with the all-new V60 wagon. The hypno-wrap could be hiding a few interesting details, however, to help distinguish the sedan.

The first final production units will begin rolling off the assembly line at Volvo's new South Carolina factory before the end of the year.

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