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Honda recalls Pilot, Odyssey over potential engine failure

by Nat Shirley

A manufacturing error is forcing Honda to replace the engines in 270 Pilot and Odyssey vehicles.

Honda is beginning a small but serious recall campaign to address a major engine defect in certain Pilot crossovers and Odyssey minivans.

Affected vehicles include 120 examples of the 2013 Pilot and 150 2013 Odysseys.

The issue behind the recall is pistons that may not have received the proper heat treatment during manufacturing. Incorrectly treated pistons are at risk to wear prematurely and fail without warning, wreaking havoc on the engine.

Unlike many recalls, there's no easy fix for the situation - Honda is going to replace the engine "short block” (essentially the entire engine) in all of the affected vehicles.

Honda says it has not received any warranty claims or field reports related to the problem, which was discovered after an employee at a supplier noticed pistons with odd discoloration.

The recall is set to begin on September 16; in the meantime, concerned owners can Honda at -1800-999-1009.

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