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VW repurposes MEB battery module to power portable charging station

by Justin King

The stations will eventually be powered by battery modules that have been pulled from aging vehicles.

Volkswagen has released a sketch showing a portable charging station that integrates its own battery pack to keep EVs charged even without constant power from the grid.

Envisioned as both an EV charger and for the "interim storage of eco-power," the modular system will utilize the same standardized battery modules that will be found in the company's range of electric vehicles built upon the MEB platform architecture.

Using multiple MEB batteries will allow VW to repurpose used modules that are pulled from cars after charge capacity has dropped over time.

"When a vehicle battery has reached a defined, reduced residual capacity, it will be replaced," the company says. "If this battery subsequently passes a thorough analysis, it can be reused in a mobile charging station."

The flexible charging stations will begin to enter production in 2020.

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