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Prohibited cancer-causing material discovered in VW cars

by Ben Hsu

The discovery of cadmium in VW Group hybrids and electric cars has prompted a production shut-down and potential recall.

Volkswagen may have to recall 124,000 vehicles due to environmental concerns. The models, all with electric or plug-in hybrid powertrains, have been found to contain a carcinogenic material.

According to German outlet , the country's Federal Motor Transport Authority, the KBA, may force a recall because of the discovery of cadmium in high-voltage battery chargers. Each device was found to contain about 0.008 grams of the cancer-causing material, which the KBA is concerned will seep into the environment when the vehicles reach the ends of their lifecycles. For this reason, cadmium is "largely prohibited" by the German government for use in vehicles, according to WirtschaftsWoche.

The report goes on to say that Volkswagen immediately stopped production of the affected vehicles. For its part, it claims that the chargers were produced by a supplier who did not reveal the cadmium content. They have also found a replacement supplier that offers the same part without cadmium.

Models affected include the Golf GTE, Passat GTE, e-Golf, and e-Up!, as well as hybrid Audi and Porsche models. Volkswagen had been shifting its focus toward electric vehicles in the wake of their emissions cheating scandal involving diesel-powered cars. That recall involved 11 million cars.

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