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Volkswagen tunes Jetta for Bonneville record attempt

by Justin King

The Bonneville Jetta hopes to beat the current class record of 208 mph.

Volkswagen has revealed an extensively modified Jetta that will attempt to set a new class record at Bonneville Speed Week later this summer.

The company is hoping to beat the current BGC/G class record, which stands at 208.472 mph.

The Bonneville Jetta may look like a purpose-built drag car, but it is claimed to be powered by a modified version of VW's EA888 2.0-liter turbocharged engine used in production cars.

"Volkswagen is hopeful that it can beat the existing class record of 208.472 mph, showcasing both the potential performance that the EA888 engine can achieve with modifications, and the all-new Jetta's exceptionally aerodynamic shape, which yields a drag coefficient of just 0.27," the company says.

Aside from a bit more power than the street-legal Jetta, the Bonneville edition also features a lowered suspension, special salt-flat wheels and tires, and a limited-slip differential to improve traction.

The car will make its attempt at the class record sometime during the August 11-17 Speed Week.

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