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Volkswagen shows ID Buzz Cargo with 342-mile range

Commercial buyers can choose from several battery sizes, including a massive 111-kWh pack.

Volkswagen's Commercial Vehicles division has spent some time adapting the ID Buzz concept for business use.

The all-electric ID Buzz Cargo is capable of hauling nearly a ton of gear or goods, with a range of up to 342 miles (WLTP test cycle) when equipped with a 111-kWh battery pack. For shorter trips, the van can be purchased with a 48-kWh battery that can charge to 80-percent capacity in just 15 minutes.

Taking advantage of the large integrated battery, the Buzz Cargo provides a 230-volt electrical hookup to run power tools.

A wireless charging system and solar roof may be welcome features for fleet operators, ensuring the vans stay charged even if the operator forgets to plug in the charge cable. The solar panels provide limited power of up to 9 miles a day, however.

VW suggests the ID Buzz Cargo could arrive on the market as early as 2021.

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