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Uber's autonomous Volvo fleet heads to San Francisco

by Justin King

The pilot program is now operating both in Pittsburgh and San Francisco ahead of a wider rollout.

Uber has brought its fleet of to San Francisco, expanding a pilot program for autonomous ride-hailing service.

Uber and Volvo established a partnership in August to build vehicles modified for autonomous operation. Volvo supplies the basic vehicle, which is then outfitted with Uber's own self-driving hardware and software package. The necessary sensor suite is conspicuously placed on the roof.

"The promise of self-driving ride sharing is becoming a reality," says Volvo Cars product planning VP Mårten Levenstam.

The automaker is separately operating its own pilot project, Drive Me, with up to 100 autonomous vehicles given to members of the public to drive around its home town of Gothenburg, Sweden.

Yet another partnership involves a joint venture involving Volvo and supplier Autoliv. The companies will collaborate on separately-branded autonomous driving and driver assistance that will be sold to third-party OEMs, with operations expected to begin early next year.

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