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Toyota to axe Tacoma Regular Cab?

by Ronan Glon

The Regular Cab makes up a very small percentage of Tacoma sales.

A new report suggests that Toyota's entry-level Tacoma Regular Cab pickup truck will be discontinued for the 2015 model year.

The Regular Cab will reportedly meet its demise because an overwhelming majority of Tacoma buyers are selecting the larger and roomier V6-powered Access Cab and Double Cab models. Generally purchased by fleet and commercial buyers, the Spartan four-cylinder-powered Regular Cab model consequently makes up a very small percentage of Tacoma sales.

Phasing out the Regular Cab will move the entire Tacoma lineup up a notch on the market as all models will be powered by a gasoline-burning V6 engine and the range will start north of $20,000.

A spokesperson for Toyota has refused to comment on the matter. If the proves true, the Japanese automaker is expected to announce the end of the line for the Tacoma Regular Cab next year at the earliest.

Once a flourishing niche, the small pickup truck segment is nearing extinction in the United States. General Motors, Ram and Ford pulled out of the segment years ago and the Nissan Frontier, the Tacoma's closest rival, is only offered as a King Cab and a Crew Cab.

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