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"The Beast" loses presidential seal, massive hunt ensues in Philadelphia

by Mark Kleis

While visiting Philadelphia recently the President's limo decided to leave a little something behind - something the Secret Service wanted back!

File this one under the bizarre column: after leaving some fundraising events in Philadelphia, President Obama's limousine lost an important identifier when a presidential seal blew off one of the doors while on Interstate 76.

Even though the seal is only attached with a magnet, it is apparently quite important. So important, in fact, it caused an immediate search on the side of the Interstate by the Secret Service. The Secret Service were unfortunately unable to procure the seal searching in the dark.

Luckily, however, the following day a sharp-eyed Philadelphia police officer located the seal and returned it to the Secret Service.

One would think that if the seal was so important it's disappearance would mandate such an extensive hunt, someone would go to great lengths to make sure it didn't fall off often, right? Apparently not, "It happens periodically," said Secret Service spokesman Ed Donovan to CNN. "They're only magnetic. They're not put on any special way."

So there you have it. If the President is set to be passing through your town on a particularly windy day, you might be able to pick yourself up a souvenir.

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