Tesla simplifies Model S and Model X line-ups

Some variants get more expensive, while others get cheaper.

Tesla has kept its promise of simplifying the Model S and Model X line-ups in a bid to offer fewer configurations. The company also raised the base price of both models while making upmarket variants a little bit more accessible.

Buyers in the market for a Model S will no longer be able to pay extra for a set of rear-facing jump seats installed in the trunk, according to website Electrek. Tesla shoppers who need to carry more than five passengers will be asked to step up to a Model X. The panoramic sunroof is no longer found on the list of options; buyers can order a glass roof, however. This feature floods the cabin with natural light but makes installing a roof rack impossible. Finally, the P100D variant gets a standard carbon fiber spoiler.

The Model X line-up receives fewer tweaks. Tesla no longer offers the six-seater configuration with a center console. And, like the Model S, the X with a 72-amp on-board charger is only available in single-phase markets. The 48-volt on-board charger is available elsewhere in the world.

Electrek adds Tesla increased the base price of the Model S and the Model X by $1,000. The S 75D now starts at $78,000 while the X 75D commands $84,000. The 100D variants -- priced at $96,000 and $99,000, respectively -- are $500 cheaper than before.

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