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Tesla Model X burns to ashes on frozen Vermont lake

The cause of the incident remains unclear.

A Tesla Model X has met a fiery demise on frozen Lake Champlain in Vermonet, though the circumstances surrounding the blaze remain unknown.

A picture posted on Tesla Motors Club shows what remains of the Model X, reduced to a pile of rubble with a few steel structural members rising above the ashes.

"We noticed a bright light on the ice," says TMC member GreenMtnM3. "Through a telescope, we could see it was a vehicle, and it was burning really hard ... the fire had numerous small explosions, and in time, it was apparent that very little was left."

Firefighters arrived and confirmed that the occupants had exited the vehicle before it ignited.

Speculation ranges from theft or insurance fraud to an overheated battery caused by having a bit too much fun on the ice or striking a piece of debris that may have damaged the battery module.

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