Report: Tesla loses head of supply chain management

Liam O'Connor had been poached from Apple in early 2015.

Tesla has reportedly lost its head of supply chain management, following several other recent executive departures.

Liam O'Connor had been poached from Apple in March 2015, joining Tesla to serve as VP of global supply management. He recently resigned from his position, according to Bloomberg.

The report points out that O'Connor is the fifth senior executive to resign in recent weeks. Others including the chief accounting officer and human resources head, while the VP of worldwide finance is due to split from the automaker later this year.

The company is believed to be finally building the Model 3 in consistent volumes of more than 5,000 units per week, shifting from 'production hell' to 'delivery logistics hell,' according to CEO Elon Musk.

Despite the success, the company still faces several controversies including the failed attempt to go private. Musk's Twitter posts surrounding the take-private push have reportedly sparked investigations by the Securities and Exchange Commission and Department of Justice.

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