Turns out a Tesla Model X could easily tow an ICE'ing Silverado

A Tesla could easily move an ICE-ing truck.

A video circulating this week of a Tesla Model X towing a Chevy Silverado has gone viral. Why? Because it offers an answer to the practice of "ICE-ing,” where drivers of internal combustion engined (ICE) vehicles, usually full-size pickups, block Tesla charging stations.

The most prominent incident was posted by a Tesla owner going by Leicina on Reddit. According to the post, Leicina pulled into a Sheetz parking lot in North Carolina that was said to have Tesla Superchargers available. However, all were blocked by lifted pickups, whose owners were chanting, "F--k Tesla.” Eventually, a Sheetz employee told them to leave.

It's not clear what's truly achieved by blocking the charging stations other than a minor inconvenience, but the result is that one Tesla owner has decided to see if a full-size pickup could truly keep him from charging his car. In a video uploaded to the Tesla Trip YouTube account, it depicts a Model X towing a Chevy Silverado 1500 with minimal effort. The tow was set up for the purposes of the video, and did not take place at an actual ICE-ing incident.

Watch the video below.

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