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Ontario police set to unveil Tesla Model X-based squad car

Now you\'ll have to worry about that Model X in your rear-view mirror.

As electric cars merge into the mainstream, we're seeing more and more plug-ins transformed into police cars. Cities like Denver and Los Angeles have already pressed Teslas into service, and now the Ontario Provincial Police is getting in on the action.

However, while Denver and LA selected the Tesla Model S as their plug-in police vehicle of choice, the OPP is going a slightly different direction. The department will unveil a cruiser based on the Tesla Model X SUV tomorrow at the Canadian International Auto Show.

So far Teslas have been used by departments more as a promotional tool rather than a serious, dedicated police vehicle, but it remains to be seen how the OPP plans to use their new Model X. If the Model X does see regular duty, its falcon wing rear doors should at least make it easier to load up perps in the back.

No word on which Model X the department went with, but Tesla currently offers three different trims of the electric SUV (75D, 100D and P100D), with prices ranging from $85,500 to $140,000. The P100D, which is capable of ripping from 0-60 in 2.9 seconds, would make for an ideal traffic enforcement vehicle, although the Model X 100D has the longest stated range of 295 miles.

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