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Cop pulls over Model 3, mistakes center display for illegally mounted computer

by Justin King

The Model 3\'s massive 15-inch display is unique among vehicles on the road today.

A Tesla Model 3 driver's encounter with a confused police officer has been documented in a viral video.

YouTube user Jon Hall posted the dashcam interaction with a cop who pulled him over for illegally mounting a computer on the dashboard. The driver jokingly asks for help removing the offending device before explaining that it is original equipment.

The Model 3 is unique in placing all controls and display functions onto a massive centrally mounted 15-inch touchscreen. The screen is mounted to a pillar on the dashboard, likely adding to the confusion by appearing like a massive iPad on an accessory mount.

Tesla wanted to make the car even more futuristic with small side-mounted cameras instead of traditional side mirrors. Omitting the mirrors would be illegal under America's archaic automobile safety regulations, however, which also bar other innovations such as matrix LED headlights.

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