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Elon Musk resists attempt to subpoena Grimes in investor lawsuit

The lawyer argues that calling Grimes to testify represents an attempt to "sensationalize" the proceedings.

An attorney representing Elon Musk is reportedly resisting plaintiffs' efforts to subpoena ex-girlfriend Grimes in an investor lawsuit over Tesla's failed bid to go private.

Grimes and Musk were dating when the executive posted his surprise Twitter announcement that Tesla would attempt to go private at $420 per share. The Securities and Exchange Commission later claimed the particular share price was meant to be a tongue-in-cheek joke that his then-girlfriend might appreciate.

The plaintiffs are also proposing a subpoena of rapper Azealia Banks, who claimed to have been at Musk's house when he was dealing with immediate fallout from the controversial Twitter post.

Musk's attorney, Dean Kristy, argues that the proposed subpoenas of Grimes, Banks and several media outlets represent an attempt to 'sensationalize' the proceedings, according to a motion obtained by CNBC.

"Plaintiffs did not bother to any of the five non-parties it intends to subpoena to find out if they even have any relevant information," he wrote in a motion opposing the subpoenas. "None of the third parties ever worked for Tesla or Mr. Musk, or is alleged to have had any involvement in his tweets or in his evaluation of a potential go-private transaction."

Eduard Korsinsky, an attorney representing the plaintiffs, argues that Grimes and Banks were in close with Musk "before and after the tweet at issue" and may be in possession of "relevant evidence concerning Mr Musk's motives."

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