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Tesla: Don't trade in Model S for Model 3

by Justin King

A mysterious blog post attempts to argue that customers should still buy the Model S for the \"most advanced technology\" and \"best driving experience.\"

Tesla has published a blog post that reminds customers that the Model S will still be the company's premium sedan after the cheaper Model 3 arrives.

"One question we've been asked is, 'Should I trade in my Model S for a Model 3?'" the company . "While Model 3 will be our newest car, it isn't 'Version 3' or the next generation Tesla. Our higher priced premium models still include the most advanced technology and the best driving experience we have to offer."

The blog post will undoubtedly be interpreted as evidence that Tesla wants to avoid over-hyping the Model 3, which could threaten sales of the Model S and, to a lesser extent, the Model X.

"Am noticing that many people think Model 3 is the 'next version' of a Tesla, like iPhone 2 vs 3. This is not true," CEO Elon Musk recently said on Twitter. "Model 3 is just a smaller, more affordable version of Model S w less range & power & fewer features. Model S has more advanced technology."

While attempting to differentiate the Model S and Model 3 in terms of performance and features, Tesla draws less distinction regarding its Autopilot safety technology.

"At the foundation of every Tesla is safety - keeping our customers safe is part of every decision we make," the company says. "In addition, every Tesla vehicle (Model 3 too) comes standard with full self-driving hardware which, through over-the-air software upgrades, will enable a Tesla to be substantially safer than a human driver."

The Model 3 is inching closer to production, with showing a potential release candidate testing in the wild.

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