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Subaru WRX STI Type RA could be a hard core trim for racers

by Ben Hsu

Subaru\'s recent Nurburgring racer may offer some clues.

Subaru is keeping mum on its high-performance WRX STI Type RA that it's launching on June 8, but footage of a recent race car in testing might reveal some clues.

Subaru has won the SP3T class, which allows for turbocharged cars with a displacement of up to 2.0 liters, at the 24 Hours of Nurburgring for the past two years. It was hoping for a three-peat this year, but a fire in the 21st hour ended their hopes for such a result. Still, the Subaru WRX STI Type RA NBR Special built for the race shares at least part of its insanely long name with the upcoming street-legal model, if you lop of the "NBR Special" indicating its status as a Nurburgring contestant,

We've already seen a carbon-fiber roof on the Type RA, so that should be no surprise. In addition, the race car uses a pedestal-type spoiler with a driver-controlled drag reduction system that adjusts the angle of the wing. While the DRS likely won't make it to the street car, perhaps the hoop-type spoiler will be replaced.

The race car also has a more aggressive front fascia, deeper side skirts, and a hulking rear diffuser. Even the fender flares are wider. The hood has a larger, deeper center scoop to feed the top-mount intercooler and has additional ducts on either side. Lastly, the race car is fitted with gold wheels, a Subaru tradition since its days of WRC dominance.

The original Type RA of the early 90s was available on Japanese market WRX models that never came to the States. Compared to the standard WRX models, they underwent a dramatic weight reduction regimen, with less sound insulation, manual windows, and no air conditioning system. They also received shorter gearing, reinforced engine components, and a driver-controlled center differential that adjusts torque distribution and shorter gearing.

The goal was to offer a performance version for tuners and racers. Changes to the upcoming Type RA will reportedly be more than just skin-deep, so perhaps a more hard core STI is finally going to reach the US.

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