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Subaru to replace Ascents subject to body weld recall

The very narrow recall addresses bodies that were not properly welded.

Subaru has started a recall campaign to replace a small number of Ascent models that ended up in the hands of customers missing several b-pillar spot welds.

The missing welds could compromise unibody strength and result in poor crash performance, the manufacturer told Consumer Reports. The missing welds were the result of improperly programmed robots and the issue was quickly discovered in a random quality inspection.

The recall covers fewer than 300 units, and Subaru has narrowed the issue to models manufactured over the course of just two weeks in July.

Owners can run their VINs against Subaru's recall database to see if their vehicles are covered by the recall, but the likelihood is very low. Of the 293 vehicles produced with the missing welds, Subaru says only nine have ended up in the hands of customers.

Subaru will notify owners this month if they own vehicles which may be missing welds.

Photo by Drew Johnson.

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