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Spied: Jaguar J-Pace with diesel-electric drivetrain

by Drew Johnson

Jaguar is working on a larger SUV that will be available as a diesel hybrid.

Jaguar has begun development of a new utility model that will slot above the current F-Pace. In addition to adding a new branch to Jag's SUV family tree, the bigger ‘ute will also usher in a frugal new drivetrain for the brand.

At first blush this mule might look like a camouflaged , but look closer and you'll notice a stretched wheelbase. Whereas the rear door cutline of the production F-Pace hits about a third of the way back on the fender, this mule's door sits almost flush with the front of the rear arch. Other notable changes on this mule, believed to be under development as the J-Pace, include a pushed-forward front grille an a rear bumper treatment unlike the one seen on the F-Pace.

Just what platform underpins the J-Pace remains a mystery. While it's certainly possible that the J-Pace is based off the F-Pace, there are rumors that the new SUV could ride on a variation of the XJ sedan's architecture (hence the name J-Pace). Another bit of speculations floating around suggests the J-Pace may even be Range Rover-based. Whatever the case, look for the J-Pace to use plenty of aluminum in its construction.

Size-wise, the J-Pace should lineup against the Audi Q7. Three-row seating is expected.

Adding even more intrigue to Jaguar's future SUV plans, the number plate on this test vehicle indicates it's rocking a diesel-hybrid powertrain underhood. No other details are known about Jag's diesel-electric drivetrain, but the supporting document shows a 2.0L engine.

If all goes to plan the Jaguar J-Pace should arrive in dealer showrooms in 2019 and a 2020 model year.

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