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Spied: 2019 Toyota Supra caught up close

by Byron Hurd

Toyota's sports car prototype was photographed inside and out at the 'ring.

Spies captured Toyota's Supra prototype being loaded into a trailer at the Nürburgring this week, giving us our first up-close-and-personal look at the racing variant that will be campaigned by Toyota Gazoo Racing.

This prototype may be track-spec, but there's more of the production interior to be seen here than you might expect. Even GT-spec race cars run with some factory interior parts intact, after all. Homologation, and all that.

We have more than that here. In fact, what we can see here is a good bit of road-going componentry, including what is very obviously a gear selector for a street-spec transmission. There's a nav screen as well, along with what appear to be some BMW parts-bin controls on the center stack and console.

There's also a digital gauge cluster, shown here in tachometer mode. It's hard to say from this angle whether this is similar to the unit found in the or specific to this application, however the beauty of digital clusters is that they can be made to look unique despite hardware commonalities.

Toyota has chosen to lead off the Supra resurrection with Gazoo Racing's variant, which means details of the road car still remain a mystery. , but we expect Toyota will start leaking out teasers well before January. Stay tuned.

Photos by Chris Doane Automotive.

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