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Report: Toyota solid-state EV battery can charge in 'minutes'

by Justin King

The technology is said to be on track for production in a long-range EV by 2022.

Toyota is reportedly developing a for electric vehicles, potentially extending driving range and slashing charge times.

Solid-state batteries are considered the holy grail for EVs, but scientists and engineers so far have been unable to bring the technology from the lab to the assembly line.

A report suggests Toyota has set an internal goal to bring a next-generation "all solid state battery" to production by 2022. The technology is said to enable charging within a few minutes.

Without a liquid electrolyte, solid-state batteries are also expected to carry a much higher energy density than current lithium-ion cells. Range can theoretically extend far beyond lithium-ion modules of the same weight.

As lithium-ion cells continue to drop in price, Toyota must overcome the increasingly competitive cost threshold to commercialize solid-state tech. The company is not alone in pursuing solid-state batteries, however, joining other automakers and numerous researchers that view such technology as the most promising idea for future energy storage.

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