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Porsche 911 Speedster concept rendering shows off GPU tech

by Byron Hurd

Porsche, Nvidia and Epic Games teamed up to show off the 911 Speedster Concept in near-reality rendering.

Porsche teamed up with Nvidia and Epic Games to show off the 911 Speedster Concept utilizing Nvidia's new interactive ray tracing technology, which allows light effects to be rendered in real-time, creating stunning light and shadow effects without the need for redundant processing.

This and other applications of will have enormous ramifications for the entertainment sector, cutting the required time and resources required for rendering CGI sequences significantly.

The ability to hyper-realistically model light sources and reflections could also potentially benefit autonomous vehicle testing simulations, where mimicking real-world conditions accurately and efficiently could help train AI systems to better operate in the real world, along with giving them the ability to predict (and thus potentially filter out) unwanted elements such as glare.

All of that is hypothetical for the moment, of course. For now, feast your eyes on this brief (but glorious) demonstration using the Porsche 911 Speedster Concept as subject matter:

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