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Porsche reveals 2011 911 Carrera Black Edition, available in coupe and cabriolet

by Mark Kleis

For 2011, Porsche has added a limited run version of its popular 911 Carrera, known as the Black Edition.

Because Porsche's 911 Carrera line was looking a bit on the thin side, the German automaker has decided to expand its lineup for the 2011 model year by adding a very limited run edition available on both the coupe and cabriolet - the Carrera Black Edition.

Fittingly, Porsche says it will only produce 1,911 examples of this limited run car for all world markets combined. Surprisingly, however, Porsche says the model will be priced to match the standard 911 Carrera model, despite gaining additional equipment and unique styling.

Available in black, or black (metallic)
It goes without saying that the 911 Black Edition is painted in plain black as standard, but basalt black metallic is also available as an option. should buyers opt for the drop-drop variation, the canvas is naturally black in color as well. Other unique Black Edition changes include 19-inch 911 Turbo II bi-color wheels, with a machined aluminum finish on the outward most face of the wheel, and a darker argent color on the inner sections. In addition, the rims provide an unobstructed view of the brakes, which - you guessed it - come with black, four-piston aluminum monobloc fixed callipers.

A gray strip of "tint" in the uppermost section of the windscreen is also standard in the 911 Black Edition, rounding off the overall blackened cosmetic theme for the exterior.

Blacked out - and blacked in
Inside, Porsche continues the theme first with the"Black Edition" black lettering on the stainless steel door entry guards. once inside, occupants will enjoy standard, black high-quality partial leather seats, while there is an available upgrade to a full leather interior. Also included in the series version is a sports design steering wheel. The instrument cluster naturally remains in black. On the glove compartment lid, a badge testifies to the 911 Black Edition's limited production run. Conversely, the decorative molding on the dashboard, gear lever or selector and air vents provide a contrast with an aluminum look painted finish. The rear center console comes painted in the exterior color.

Porsche gives out a free lunch
The old saying says there is no such thing as a free lunch, but with the Black Edition, there is certainly such a thing as free equipment upgrade. In terms of "free" content that comes as part of the package, Porsche included a Bose surround-sound system that utilizes 13 speakers in the coupe, and 12 in the cabriolet. The Bose system includes a subwoofer and center channel, as well as a seven-channel amplifier that produces 385 watts of output. Other standard equipment includes GPS navigation, as well as a universal audio interface. Parking assistant, cruise control, automatic anti-drizzle interior and exterior mirrors, rain-sensing windshield and Porsche Communication Management round out the list of standard content.

Just another 911
Like all standard 911 Carrera models, the Black Edition finds its motivation from a 345 horsepower 3.6-liter flat-six engine. This engine comes mated to the six-speed manual as standard, and the Porsche-Doppelkupplungsgetriebe (PDK) seven-speed automatic transmission as an option. With the manual transmission, the 345 horsepower engine can take the coupe from a dead stop to 62 miles per hour in 4.9 seconds, and the cabriolet in 5.1 seconds, both of which can continue on to a top speed of 180 mph.

Should buyers opt for the seven-speed PDK, performance improves with a 4.7 seconds zero-to-62 mph time for the coupe, and the cabriolet matches the 4.9 second acceleration time of the manually shifted coupe.

Optional equipment includes an upgrade to Porsche Active Suspension Management (PASM), and as an additional variant for the coupe, the PASM sports chassis with bodywork lowered by 20 millimeters and mechanical rear differential lock. Porsche Ceramic Composite Brake (PCCB) with ceramic disc brakes is also offered as an option.

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