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Nissan admits to falsifying emissions measurements in Japan

by Justin King

The company uncovered evidence of altered emissions and fuel economy measurements for vehicles sold in the Japanese market.

Nissan has admitted to misconduct in producing emissions and fuel economy measurements for vehicles manufactured and sold in Japan.

While reviewing the previously reported problems with other elements in the final vehicle inspection process, the company discovered that emissions and fuel economy were measured in conditions that deviated from the prescribed testing environment. In some cases, workers also falsified measurement values.

"Nissan understands and regrets the concern and inconvenience caused to stakeholders as a result of its kanken (final inspection) issues last year," the company said in a statement. "Proactive initiatives to prevent recurrence of such issues have led to the discovery of this misconduct, for which the company is regretful."

The automaker has retained a Japanese law firm to carry out an investigation into the misconduct. The company has also promised to continue carrying out "comprehensive checks" of processes related to regulatory compliance.

The scandal does not appear to involve vehicles that were distributed in markets outside Japan.

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