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Nissan reveals Juke-R performance specs [Video]

by Drew Johnson

We officially have some hard numbers to attach to the Juke-R.

After a lengthy build up, Nissan has finally revealed the performance specs for its radical Juke-R, thus concluding the 22-week project that stuffed the heart of a Nissan GT-R into the Juke crossover.

Built by RML with input from Nissan Technology Centre in Europe, the Juke-R features a drivetrain straight out of the GT-R. That includes a twin-turbocharged 485 horsepower 3.8L V6, a six-speed transaxle and a modified version of the GT-R's all-wheel drive system.

That GT-R theme carries over to the Juke's interior, thanks to the use of the GT-R's gauges, dials and 7-inch customizable LCD display. However, the Juke's unique, motorcycle-inspired center console remains.

The Juke-R's exterior dimensions are identically to the road-going car, save for a track expanded from 1765mm to 1910mm to accommodate a set of 20-inch RAYS alloy wheels.

Nissan says it has no plans to put the Juke-R into production, but is using the one-off concept to gauge customer demand for a performance version of the already sporty crossover.

"Juke lends itself perfectly to a sports derivative and Juke-R explores that territory," said Paul Willcox, Senior Vice President, Sales and Marketing for Nissan in Europe. "Equally at home on road and track, Juke-R showcases two of the most exciting cars in our range and highlights the technical innovation that drives Nissan."

Given the Juke-R's performance figures, we fully believe Nissan's claim that it would be just at home on the track as it is on the road. The hopped-up crossover is capable of accelerating from 0-62mph in just 3.7 seconds and can continue on to a top speed of 160mph. Nissan notes that the GT-R remains a stronger performer than the Juke-R due to its more aerodynamic shape and lower curb weight.