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Nevada issues nation's first autonomous vehicle license to Google

by Drew Johnson

Google has landed the nation's first autonomous vehicle license.

The future is officially here. Nevada's Department of Motor Vehicles has approved the nation's first-ever autonomous vehicle license, clearing the way for similar licenses in other states.

Not surprisingly, the first autonomous vehicle license went to Google and its fleet of self-driving Prius hybrids. The Nevada DMV said it decided to grant the license after sampling the Google autonomous car in a number of real-world situations, including cruising the famous Las Vegas strip.

Although Google is the most publicized developer of autonomous vehicle technology, the Nevada DMV says other auto manufacturers have expressed interest in obtaining the state's autonomous vehicle license. However, the Nevada DMV failed to identify any specific companies.

Autonomous vehicles in Nevada will be tagged with a red license plate that features an infinity symbol on the left side.

Nevada became the for autonomous vehicles earlier this year. The law officially went into effect on March 1.