Mercedes-Benz teases EQC electric SUV's front end

The latest teaser video from Mercedes gives us a look at its new electric SUV's nose.

Mercedes-Benz has released yet another teaser for its upcoming EQC electric SUV, giving us what will probably be our final glimpse before the car is formally revealed next week in Stockholm.

We got our first hint at the front end of the new EV last week when Mercedes teased us with an up-close shot of the EQC's headlight and LED signature. This time, we get to see how that element continues across the rest of the front end.

While the full-width LED signature is a unique touch for the EQC, there's more to this teaser than just an expanded view of the lighting. Up to this point, we didn't have a whole lot to go on when it came to predicting the look of the new SUV's face.

What little of it that we can see appears to follow the normal design convention for Mercedes-Benz front ends. We can tell that the EQC will have a somewhat conventional grille for an EV (contrast that with the Tesla Model X's blunt nose), and we've seen test mules with airflow cut-outs in the front to back up that theory.

Check out the full (albeit brief) teaser video below.

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