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Mercedes-Benz EQC facing production difficulties?

by Justin King

The company is reportedly stalling volume production until November.

Mercedes-Benz is reportedly experiencing production hiccups with the all-electric , potentially limiting output volume until the last weeks of the year.

The EQC is expected to be delivered only to a limited number of "VIP customers" starting in June, according to . Volume is said to be limited through November at the earliest, several months behind the original plans.

The report speculates that the German automaker may have encountered trouble sourcing enough batteries to bring the line up to speed by the middle of the year.

Notably, battery module assembly was one of the biggest hurdles for Tesla's Model 3 ramp-up.

Mercedes-Benz isn't the only established automaker having apparent trouble with EV development. German rival Audi is said to be "more than a year behind schedule" with the e-tron crossover, stalling the launch due to last-minute that have allegedly pushed development costs past two billion euros.

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