Geneva: Mercedes-Benz Concept EQV

The battery-powered van can drive for up to 249 miles on a full charge.

Mercedes-Benz has revealed the Concept EQV, adding to the family of EQ-badged all-electric vehicles.

With a 100-kWh battery, the van can cruise for up to 249 miles on a single charge with fast-charging support that adds up to 62 miles of range in just 15 minutes.

The interior is designed around configuration flexibility with seating for up to eight occupants, customizable to suit a broad range of tasks from family hauling to VIP transport.

A compact electric drivetrain on the front axle provides a modest 201 horsepower, while top speed doesn't quite break into the triple digits.

A production version of the EQV will be presented later this year in Frankfurt.

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