Mercedes-Benz shows off new G-Class' off-road skills

A gallery of official camouflaged photos is complemented by an extensive leak of apparent final press images.

Mercedes-Benz has shed more light on the new G-Class, releasing an image gallery of a camouflaged pre-production prototype tackling a local mountain near Graz, Austria.

With a summit elevation of 4,740 feet, the Scho?ckl mountain serves as a 3.5-mile off-road test track with gradients of up to 60 percent and lateral inclinations of up to 40 percent.

Engineers put the G-Class through more than 1,200 miles of development testing on the mountain. The company claims the next-generation model "masters the route with noticeably more control and comfort," suggesting neither luxury nor capability has been sacrificed.

If the surface is grippy enough, the 'G' can climb a 100-percent grade. Ground clearance has been increased slightly to nearly 9.5 inches, while fording depth has jumped to 27.5 inches.

The gallery of camouflaged images has been complemented by a leak of apparent final press images, obtained by Dutch outlet Auto Week.

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