McLaren opens new $65M carbon chassis production center

The company has begun prototyping its next-generation carbon tub chassis.

McLaren is celebrating the grand opening of its new Composites Technology Center.

Built at a cost of nearly $65 million in Yorkshire, England, the facility is McLaren's second-ever production plant.

The MCTC is solely focused on achieving innovations in carbon-fiber composite construction for future lightweight vehicles. McLaren says it is already prototyping its next-generation carbon tub chassis. Trial tubs will be built next year, with full production slated for 2020.

Approximately 200 employees will be needed to cut the carbon cloth, apply the material to molds, finish the forming process, and machine and measure the final tub.

"What goes on here at the MCTC will be vital for our ability to make good on our intention to continue to develop and unveil cars that are lightest in class; it is my belief that Britain - through facilities like this - can become a world leader in lightweight materials technology that will help create more efficient future vehicles," says CEO Mike Flewitt.

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