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McLaren shows F1 GTR restoration, details certification program

by Justin King

The company will now authenticate the heritage of McLaren F1 cars for owners, starting with the restored F1 GTR '25R.'

McLaren has launched a factory certification service for the iconic F1, starting with a restored F1 GTR '25R' from the 1997 model year.

The 25R Longtail was completely rebuilt to 'as new' condition by McLaren's Special Operations division, which also handles custom projects.

The F1 Certified program aims to guarantee the authenticity of road and track versions. The company reviews the car's provenance, originality, service life, road/race history and condition.

Owners will receive a certificate and a custom book detailing the history of their car.

McLaren built a total of just 106 F1s from 1993-1998, including 64 road cars and 28 GTR race cars.

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