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McLaren promises 18 new cars, 100-percent hybrid by 2025

by Justin King

The company is evaluating \'augmentation\' tech to revolutionize the driving experience.

McLaren has announced plans to launch no less than 18 new models or derivatives by 2025.

Known as Track25, the revised business plan adds new goals including a commitment to go 100-percent hybrid across the company's entire sportscar and supercar range by 2025.

"True to the spirit of pushing the boundaries of technology to benefit drivers, McLaren will also evaluate new augmented driving features and help develop a lighter, superfast-charging, high-power battery system for performance applications that is expected to have over 30 minutes of electric range around a race track," the British automaker says.

The hybrid range will include a new Ultimate Series car, serving as a successor to the P1.

McLaren expects the 18 new cars to increase production nearly 75 percent to 6,000 annually. All will be hand-assembled in Woking, England, with the majority of components by value sourced from the UK.

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