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McLaren BP23 'Hyper-GT' will officially be called Speedtail

by Byron Hurd

The exclusive Ultimate Series was previously only known by its codename.

The forthcoming McLaren Ultimate Series "Hyper-GT" previously known only as the "BP23" now has a name--the McLaren Speedtail--the company announced Wednesday.

Building hype for the Hyper GT is mostly fan service at this point, as all 106 examples of the Speedtail are already spoken for (and have been since late 2016), at roughly $2.1 million apiece (1.6 million pounds Sterling).

For that money, it had better be special, and McLaren has given multiple assurances that it indeed will be, boasting that it will be the fastest (topping the F1's 243 MPH top speed) and most luxurious car the company has ever built.

It will feature a hybrid gasoline-electric powertrain, but power figures and the like still remain a mystery. We do know one key configuration, which is that of the seats. Like the iconic F1, it will sport a three-seat layout with the driver sitting in the center ahead of an offset second row.

So far, the only tangible evidence of the Speedtail's existence is a delivered to the 106 buyers waiting patiently for its official debut, which McLaren assures will come this year.

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