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Luxury automotive themed resort planned for UK

by Ben Hsu

The Bicester Heritage Hotel is a vacation spot for gearheads.

A new automotive-themed luxury resort is being proposed in the UK. The destination would include a high-end hotel, car museum, and race track.

The resort is planned for Bicester, about 90 minutes northwest of London. The area is already popular with tourists and shoppers, who visit the nearby Bicester Village to accumulate luxury goods. For car nuts, however, the nearby Bicester Heritage race track is probably more impressive than the Gucci outlet.

Located on the site of a former Royal Air Force base, its facilities — which include hangars, brick buildings, and avenues all lined with trees — have been restored by auto enthusiasts. They've turned the area into a hub of car activity, including shops offering everything from vehicle restoration to polishing wax. And, of course there's that race track.

With the addition of a proposed 344-room hotel, the 425-acre site would add a fine dining, a pool and sauna, and gym. The centerpiece is a 4-story atrium that would serve as a car display. The architect, Dexter Moren Associates, intends to draw design inspiration from the existing buildings.

The site is also located 20 minutes from Silverstone Circuit.

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