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Lotus: future models will embrace "light is right" motto

by Ronan Glon

Lotus will evolve, but it will remain true to its roots.

Big changes are finally coming to the Lotus brand. The company is preparing to embrace electrification, and it's about to venture into the SUV segment for the very first time. However, its top executive promises the motto "light is right" will remain at the heart of every upcoming project.

"The sports cars we show in the next three years will be different to the ones we're building now," promised company CEO Jean-Marc Gales in an interview with . "But we will always be the benchmark in light weight, aero, and handling," he added.

Gales stopped short of revealing what Lotus has in store for the future. We already know the company will need to incorporate some form of electrification into its future cars to comply with regulations, and it's well into the development of aimed at the Porsche Macan. Normally, we'd take these plans with an Exige-sized grain of salt; not this time. Lotus finally has the money required to embark on something that resembles a model offensive.

That's because Volvo parent company Geely now controls Lotus. This opens up new opportunities for the British brand beyond funding.

"We will have a deep look in our shareholder's parts bin and see which parts we can use for our sports cars," Gales said. Conversely, Lotus could help Volvo and Polestar tune the suspension of upcoming models.

Stay tuned, we'll bring you more details about Lotus' transformation as they emerge.

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