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Lamborghini Urus' V8 engine won't be used for cars

by Justin King

The company decided to stick with tradition, using one engine design for a single nameplate.

Lamborghini has rejected the possibility of using the SUV's V8 engine in any other models.

Reports suggest a is being developed by Lamborghini specifically for the Urus, representing a downsize shift from the 's 5.2-liter V10 and the 's mighty 6.5-liter V12.

Chief executive Stephan Winkelmann in 2012 hinted that a turbocharged engine was for the Huracan, though not from the model's initial launch.

The company is said to have debated wether to share the Urus engine with other models. The Italian marque expects the SUV to eventually account for of its overall annual sales volume, suggesting the Urus itself may represent the answer to regulatory pressure without forcing any coupes or roadsters to immediately downsize.

Speaking to , Winkelmann also argued in favor of keeping true to the Raging Bull's "one car, one engine" tradition.

"We are not saying that future engines will never beat what we have in our cars; we are saying as long as there is nothing that is better, especially at low revs or in terms of the sound that the V10 and V12 have, we stick to them," he added.

Despite the Urus' downsized engine and room for groceries or children, Winkelmann recently that Lamborghini will stop short of offering autonomous driving technology. The company appears to be positioning the crossover as a driver's vehicle, built to deliver an exhilarating experience for which the brand is known.

The first units are expected to arrive in showrooms by the second half of 2018, each likely carrying a price tag around $200,000.

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