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Lamborghini restores early 350 GT

by Ronan Glon

This 350 GT is one of the first 15 cars built by the Raging Bull.

Lamborghini's Polo Storico division has fully restored a 350 GT wearing chassis number 0121. The coupe stands out as one of the first 15 cars built by the Raging Bull.

Restoring this early 350 GT was easier said than done because it shares a handful of features with the close-to-production prototype that was shown during the 1963 edition of the Turin Auto Show. Lamborghini's vast archives department helped ensure every last detail is period-correct.

There are no before photos of the car, but Polo Storico explains it needed quite a bit of work. Mechanics spent 780 hours on the mechanical and electrical systems, and no less than 1,150 hours on the body. Notably, the 350 GT was wet-sanded by hand in between each of the 22 coats of paint.

The restoration process took about a year. Polo Storico values authenticity, so it only used original spare parts. Additionally, some components -- like the pedal box -- were restored rather than replaced in order to preserve the coupe's originality.

The enthusiast who commissioned the restoration work took delivery of his 350 GT on the Autodromo di Modena, which was closed off for the occasion. Before shipping his beauty home, he put it through its paces by driving around the track for nearly 50 miles. The car performed flawlessly under the watchful eye of the technicians who restored it, and the original owner who was invited to the track for the occasion.

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