Lamborghini Egoista single-seater heading to production?

Trademark filings suggest the eccentric supercar may no longer be a one-off design study.

Lamborghini has submitted trademark filings to protect the term 'Egoista,' hinting at potential production ambitions for the eccentric one-seater.

The US Patent and Trademark Office submissions, first spotted by AutoGuide, have been filed in several categories ranging from vehicles to branded merchandise.

Unveiled in 2013 as the Raging Bull celebrated its 50th birthday, the Egoista arguably brings an even crazier and more aggressive styling than the earlier Veneno Roadster concept. The project was spearheaded by VW Group design chief Walter de Silva, taking inspiration from Boeing's AH-64 Apache attack helicopter.

With an Italian name that translates to 'selfish,' the car features a single centered seat inside a tiny doorless cockpit. Like some fighter jets, its tinted windshield flips forward to allow entry and exit.

The concept was presented with a 5.2-liter mid-mounted V10 engine, tuned to deliver around 600 horsepower. Weight is kept to a minimum, thanks to extensive carbon-fiber and aluminum construction.

Despite speculation sparked by the USPTO filing, automakers commonly seek trademark protection for vehicles that never see production. Production plans have not been officially confirmed or independently corroborated in unofficial leaks.

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