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Australian police orders fleet of Kia Stinger GT sedans

by Ben Hsu

The first of the twin-turbo V6 interceptors.

It's official. Australian authorities have green-lit the Kia Stinger to serve as a patrol car.

Last September, it was that the Kia Stinger was one of several models undergoing review as potential police cars. According to , the Queensland police department has placed an initial order of 50 twin-turbo V6 Stinger GTs.

Eventually, the site reports, the entire fleet of 200 cars will be comprised entirely of the 365-horsepower, rear-wheel-drive sedan. The cars will be finished in a blue checker pattern over white, with the words "Road Policing Command" emblazoned across the sides.

Assistant Commissioner of the Road Policing Command Mike Keating told , "The Stinger performed very well in all areas and we had nothing but top reports from all the field officers.”

It's unclear what other vehicles the department evaluated, but other jurisdictions across Australia have used BMW and Chrysler sedans as pursuit vehicles. Toyota Camrys, Hyundai Santa Fes, and Kia Sorrentos are used in general duties.

Until recently, and sedans have been a mainstay for highway patrols, but with the shuttering of Australia's Ford and Holden's factories and the cancellation of those models, replacements from foreign manufacturers had to be considered.

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