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Kia teases Super Bowl commercial featuring Christopher Walken

Kia\'s Super Bowl commercial will feature a big star.

Kia has released a teaser clip of the 60-second commercial it will air during this year's Super Bowl broadcast.

Titled "Walken Closet,” Kia says the commercial is intended to "spotlight the next-generation Optima as the vibrant alternative for those determined not to blend in.”

Although we won't have access to the full commercial until after kickoff, the teaser provided by Kia shows a man wearing a beige suit asking his wife if she's seen his beige socks. He continues his search in his closet, which is full of beige clothing. A that point, Christopher Walken (hence the Walken Closet spoof) holds up a pair of beige socks, asking "are you looking for these?”

Kia has positioned the Optima as a stylish alternative in the mid-size segment for the last several years, and it's clear the automaker will play up that fact in its Super Bowl commercial. Kia is in the midst of launching an all-new Optima for the 2016 model year.

Kia is probably thanking its lucky stars that it hired Walked for its Super Bowl spot rather than its normal pitchman, NBA star Blake Griffin. The Los Angeles Clippers' forward admitting this week that he broke his hand punching one of the team's equipment managers.

Photos by Drew Johnson and courtesy of Kia.

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