Infiniti recalls QX30 to prevent surprise airbag deployments

The same issue affects around a million Daimler vehicles, including the GLA-Class that underpins the QX30.

Daimler's recall for unintended airbag deployment has extended to the Infiniti QX30, which is built upon the GLA platform.

The German automaker alerted its Japanese partner to the issue and helped investigate whether the problem also affects the QX30. No failures have been reported in the Infiniti model, however the problematic wiring design is apparently shared with both vehicles.

If the steering column clock spring breaks and the nearby ground has begun to fail, an electrostatic discharge could cause the front driver airbag to inadvertently deploy.

"An inadvertent driver air bag deployment could occur which may cause a risk of injury to the driver and risk of a potential crash," Nissan says.

Daimler recalled around a million vehicles to install a commutator ring and ensure proper grounding. The Infiniti campaign adds another 17,500 vehicles.

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