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Hyundai lands DoE grant to develop mixed-mode gas engine

by Drew Johnson

The grant is worth nearly $5 million over the next three years.

Hyundai has been awarded funding by the United States Department of Energy to continue development of its mixed-mode gasoline engine technology.

The DoE grant is worth $4.95 million over the next three years. Hyundai will use that money to continue the development of its mixed-mode gasoline engine which, the company says, will be used in future production gas- and hybrid-vehicles.

"The opportunity to explore mixed-mode engine technology through the DoE's grant signifies Hyundai's commitment to advanced research technology and compression engines,” said John Juriga, director, Powertrain Technologies, Hyundai America Technical Center. "The co-operative research project along with Michigan Technological University and Phillips 66 signifies the importance in developing fuel and engine innovations that work together for optimal vehicle performance and leading fuel economy ratings.”

Mixed-mode gasoline engines essentially combine the best elements from gas and diesel engines. Mixed-mode engines run on cleaner burning gasoline, but use high-compression ignition technology borrowed from diesels. The net result is diesel-like fuel economy with fewer CO2 emissions.

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