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Hyundai i-flow concept bows in Geneva [Live image update]

by Drew Johnson

Hyundai's shapely i-flow concept car made its official debut earlier today at the Geneva Motor Show. Hinting at a future production model, the i-flow's organic design and BASF paint scheme made it a real standout among the show's concept cars.

The i-flow is an all-new concept from Hyundai, and hints at a future D-segment vehicle. The i-flow is highlighted by its 'fluidic sculpture' design language, helping the car to a slippery drag coefficient of just 0.25Cd.

Hyundai worked closely with chemical maker BASF on the i-flow project, creating interior pieces that reduce weight and volume. A large contoured screen is said to reside on the center stack, featuring touch activation as well as "gestural inputs".

Underhood, the i-flow features Hyundai's first even diesel-electric hybrid. The system combines a twin-turbocharged 1.7-liter diesel unit paired with an electric motor. The electric motor is paired with a lithium ion-polymer battery pack. Shifting through a six-speed dual-clutch gearbox, the i-flow is said to achieve an impressive 78 mpg.