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Honda dealers in Japan to offer retro-styled S660 kit

by Ben Hsu

The S660 Neo Classic kit is inspired by Honda's 1960s sports cars.

The Japan-only Honda S660 is one of the few affordable sports cars sold new today, and as a result it fosters a lot of customization options. The latest is a kit that turns the futuristic roadster into a retro-styled runabout.

Called the S660 Neo Classic Kit, it completely rebodies the S660 in FRP exterior parts that includes the hood, front and rear fascias, deck, and fenders. The design is inspired by the Honda's first sports cars, the S600 and S800 sports cars of the early 1960s (and predecessors to the S2000). The pieces come unpainted, and the installation and paint doesn't come cheap -- they are ¥1,296,000, or $11,660.

However, the S660 and its 3-cylinder turbocharged engine qualifies for kei-car status in Japan, and is thus subject to cheaper registration and parking fees, a boon in Japan's congested cities.

Amazingly, the kit is an official Honda product and is available at actual Honda dealerships in Japan. The kit debuted at the 2016 Tokyo Auto Salon and took nearly three years to bring to market, but imagine going to a Honda showroom in the US and buying a completely different body for your Civic. The S660 Neo Classic Kit goes on sale at select locations in Japan starting September 21.

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