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GMC debuts new "Like a Pro" tag line

by Drew Johnson

GMC is shifting its marketing message.

GMC is amending its "We Are Professional Grade” tag line to include the slogan "Like a Pro” in an effort to relax the brand's marketing message.

Although GMC isn't completely ditching its "We Are Professional Grade” tag line, which has been in use for nearly two-decades, the brand will start to focus on its latest "Like a Pro” message. Commercials featuring the new line have already gone live, and GMC will expand the line with a new "Dad Like a Pro” spot set to air on Father's Day during the U.S. Open golf tournament.

"Our owners are dedicated individuals, respected by their peers, whose passion and abilities set them apart,” said Rich Latek, GMC marketing director. "Their values reflect our ‘Professional Grade' spirit and we look forward to bringing that emotional connection to life. And we're excited to show how we think our customers live their lives like pros.”

In July, GMC will launch a spot for its latest Acadia called "Third Row Like A Pro.” As you might have guessed, that spot will highlight the Acadia's third-row seats. Look for more "Like a Pro" spinoffs in the coming months.

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